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Snap-On Smile

If you've always wanted a smile that lights up a room but were afraid of dental work or couldn't afford expensive cosmetic dentistry, then Snap-On Smile is the fastest way to get a beautiful smile

You've seen Snap-On Smile, a new technology invented by a prominent New York City dentist, on major national TV programs. Now, thanks to Dr. Atcha, this advanced smile technology is available in Northwest Indiana and can give you an amazingly beautiful smile for less than the cost of a single dental veneer or crown.

What is "snap on smile"?

It is a very thin cosmetic overlay that "snaps" over an entire arch of your teeth to radically change the appearance of your smile without any irreversible dental work being performed.

Who benefits from "snap on smile?"

  • For those of you getting married, Snap-On Smile is a great way for your teeth to look their best in those all important wedding photos, at the rehearsal dinner, and on the big day!


Anyone with an Important Job Interview: Like it or not, your teeth make a difference during that job interview. "Snap on Smile" is an inexpensive way to feel, look, and project more confidence at job interviews!


Those With Social Fears: "Snap on Smile" can help those that feel socially awkward because of their teeth and smile to feel better about going out into public!


For anyone considering major dental work, we offer the "The Cosmetic Test Drive":

Digital computer simulations allow you to see what your smile will look like with cosmetic dentistry. The big problem has always been that you couldn't see the actual result in your very own mouth. Now, at last there is a way to literally "test drive" your new smile before you commit to the time and expense of cosmetic dentistry! You can preview the positive reactions that others will give you and your new smile! You can even make changes in how your smile will look before your final dental work is performed after "test driving" your new smile.

Would You Like Celebrity Teeth?

With "snap on smile" almost any celebrity's teeth can be now be yours. For many celebrities, their teeth are a big part of why the public finds them attractive. Now your teeth can literally look just like "Cameron" "Britney," "Matt" or anyone else you choose!

While "snap on" technology is an amazing temporary cosmetic solution for many people, "Snap on Smile" does not permanently replace missing teeth or alter the natural teeth. In addition, it neither promotes, prevents or treats dental decay or gum disease. While soft foods can be eaten with it, it is not meant to be a permanent tooth replacement for chewing.

Dr. Atcha's Method of Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry can take the cosmetics of "Snap on Smile" and makes it a permanent part of your daily life for anyone that desires a long lasting permanent dental result.

As always, if you know someone that needs our advanced care, please let them know about us!

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