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4. You Deserve Respect

We Respect Your Time, and Don't Keep You Waiting

We respect your time. We make every effort to see you promptly at your reserved appointment time and complete your treatment quickly and in as few visits as possible. We promise to take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We pledge to take all the time necessary to inform you of your diagnosis and your options.

We Respect Your Time By Performing Procedures Quickly and Thoroughly

Some people deny themselves the benefits of looking great and having a healthy mouth because they believe it will take too long.

That used to be true, and maybe still is true at other offices. Though it's true that some very involved procedures can take some time, many others can happen more quickly than you might think.

For instance, results can often occur overnight or even in one visit. A whole fantastic smile can take as little as two visits over a 10-20 day period.

Dr. Atcha is at the forefront of dentistry with technologies like "Teeth in an Hour" and "Teeth in a Day". This means decades of dental problems can be erased in the shortest time possible.

We Work Together - It's a Partnership

Nothing is forced upon you. We intelligently analyze your situation and then discuss it with you to arrive at the very best plan.

Dr. Atcha Method Dentistry is not based on pushy approaches like "This is how we do things", but instead on consultation and agreement with you.

We Guard Your Safety

We use state-of-the-art sterilization techniques on any instruments that aren't disposed of. We meet or exceed government standards in cleanliness. We continually disinfect all surfaces touched by clients or staff members.

We Only Do Treatment We Would Do On Ourselves

We will NOT recommend a treatment that we would not do on ourselves or our family, PERIOD.

That is one of the questions I ask myself when considering any treatment for a client: "Would I have this done for myself, if I were in the same situation?" If the answer is no, then I won't do it for you, either.

My practice is about doing what is right and for the right reasons. That's a promise!

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1. We Are Friendly

2. We Are Gentle

3. We Treat You First Class All the Way

4. You Deserve Respect (You Are Here)

5. You Benefit From the Highest Experience and Skill

6. You Benefit From the Latest Technology

7. You Get More Options

8. Your Privacy is Extremely Important

9. I Stand Behind My Work

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