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8. Your Privacy is Extremely Important

Each room is separate so you don't have to see other members of the practice. Unlike "mill" style practices, it is not a routine to have multiple clients in the area of treatment at any time further ensuring your privacy.

The team's professionalism is impeccable. You'll never hear any of them discussing members of the practice in front of other members.

You'll never be explaining sensitive dental matters in the reception area in front of other members of the practice.

We keep confidential all your contact information and treatment history.

For a complete description of our privacy procedures that are even stricter than what the government mandates, just click here...

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1. We Are Friendly

2. We Are Gentle

3. We Treat You First Class All the Way

4. You Deserve Respect

5. You Benefit From the Highest Experience and Skill

6. You Benefit From the Latest Technology

7. You Get More Options

8. Your Privacy is Extremely Important (You Are Here)

9. I Stand Behind My Work

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