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7. You Get More Options

With other dentists, you're limited to just a handful of procedures. That's either because those dentists don't know or don't bother to tell you about the vast array of choices available for many dental situations.

For instance, with a simple cavity, other dentists make you sit in a chair, get a shot, and they use a loud drill to fix your cavity.

In the Atcha Method, I first look to prevention, so you don't get a cavity in the first place. I use laser cavity detection and micro-illumination crack detector to discover problems before they become obvious to other dentists.

Then we have a choice of several methods to completely avoid pain: This includes needle-free anesthetic, topical anesthetic pastes, dental lasers and other non-drill methods. You don't ever get the mouth-deadening "rubber lips" feeling you're used to experiencing at other dentists.

And for more complicated procedures, we have a vast array of choices: veneers, bonding, shaping, inlays, onlays, implants, whitening...the list goes on and on!

No more "that's just how we do it" speeches. In the Atcha Method, you'll never have to worry about whether the dentist down the street has a better solution. We ARE the dentist down the street!

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1. We Are Friendly

2. We Are Gentle

3. We Treat You First Class All the Way

4. You Deserve Respect

5. You Benefit From the Highest Experience and Skill

6. You Benefit From the Latest Technology

7. You Get More Options (You Are Here)

8. Your Privacy is Extremely Important

9. I Stand Behind My Work

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