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Dental Implant Options

Here are some of the options you have with "Dr. Atcha Method" modern dental implants:

(All photos from the perspective of looking up at the palate.)

Non-removable porcelain implant teeth

The very best "Platinum Standard": Non-Removable Porcelain Implant Teeth No plastic, and no gagging. Feels and looks like natural teeth

Non-removable porcelain/acrylic implant teeth

The "Gold Standard": Non-Removable Porcelain/Acrylic Implant Teeth 95% less plastic than a denture; feels and looks like natural teeth

Removable Porcelain/Acrylic Implant Teeth

The "Silver Standard": Removable Porcelain/Acrylic Implant Teeth Feels almost like natural teeth, and looks like natural teeth.

Old standard: a denture

The "300-Year Old Standard": A Denture Bulky, causes gagging, interferes with taste,  unhygienic, denture goop-glue required.

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