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Benefits of a Great Smile

Do You Have a Dazzling Smile?

Would you like to have one? The truth is, the absence or presence of a dazzling smile has carried great significance for hundreds of years from the time of the Renaissance... to today's cover girl.

A smile is considered a reliable indicator of one's sense of well-being. It has an enormous effect on your health, self-esteem and general outlook.

It so markedly affects how others see you, that it dramatically affects one's personal and business success (Our free report: How to Get a Smile That Lights Up A Room, gives more information on these vital statistics.)


When you have an attractive smile, other people like you more. They feel better about themselves. They are more eager to be your friend or be in business with you. They'll more easily do you favors, and they trust you more.

Don't you almost always remember someone with an especially attractive smile? If your answer is yes, you are a part of the 88% of America that remembers people with especially good-looking smiles.

A great smile is also important for:

  • Super-charging your sex appeal;
  • Getting noticed; and
  • Energizing your personal and business relationships

Emotional health

Having a great smile is really about your emotional health! How you feel about yourself and how others feel about you. Dr. Atcha Method Dentistry evaluates each client from age 18 to 80 to ensure that an individual looks his best... so you get a smile you want to show off.

Try this at home: Go to a mirror, and smile into it repeatedly for just 5 minutes. Give the mirror real smiles - don't fake it.

What will you find? You feel better - and you were only smiling at yourself! Why is this?

The secret: Mother Nature created a hard-wired system that goes from the smile muscles directly to the brain, stimulating it to release mood improving substances (some of these are the same ones as released after exercise) So every time you smile... a little more is released. Talk about a new way for self-improvement! It is quite frankly close to impossible to smile without simultaneously raising your emotional mood!

The Dr. Atcha Method system understands this, and helps you achieve the dental health you need. But it isn't just about the quantity of your life. The quality of your life is directly affected, too.

Our clients live active, full lives and can enjoy:

  • Traveling
  • A good meal
  • Playing with their kids or grandkids; and
  • Spending time with their friends.

They smile with confidence, and laugh heartily at the goings-on of life. How much is that worth?


Just about three-fourths of all Americans agree that an unattractive smile can seriously hurt a person's chance for financial and career success.

The appearance of your teeth and your smile are more important than they were even just 10-15 years ago. Our society is very conscious about appearance and honestly... it forces all of us to pay attention to how our teeth look...more so than ever before.

Living Longer

Give "Smile Makeovers" that can wipe 10-20 years off your apparent age.

People with healthy teeth and gums live longer and enjoy themselves more in their golden years, from what I have observed.

According to one source, people on average live 6.6 years longer when they have a healthy mouth! As a comparison, stopping smoking only yields a little over 5 years of increased longevity! There ought to be a national campaign similar to the stop-smoking campaign on achieving and maintaining dental health.

Teeth Lasting Longer

The Dr. Atcha Method addresses the condition and structure of the teeth themselves. Teeth simply wear out, given enough time. It is a lifetime need. It should be planned for... but few people do.

For many people this is a serious, but non-painful situation. It causes a person to wear away. Like a quiet, deadly virus that creeps into the body unnoticed and slowly raises havoc.

Just like our eyes may need bifocals at some point, our teeth may need some extra help. Old fillings or other dentistry will break down and wear out after it has been in the mouth a long time. Usually starting at around age forty, a person will start needing replacements for worn-out dentistry.

Dr. Atcha Method Dentistry addresses the biologic health of your teeth, the health of your gums and the insides of the teeth themselves.


Finally, Dr. Atcha Method Dentistry addresses your functional health - how the bite is working and the health of the jaw joints and chewing mechanisms.

For some, missing teeth or overworked jaw joints cause various kinds of suffering. Our system addresses these factors so you can chew comfortably and stop any disease process dead in its tracks.

Think what it will be like when embarrassment and pain turn into pride and prosperity!

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