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2. We Are Gentle

"Based on previous experiences at other dental offices over the years, I found that even minor surgery was always very painful afterwards. My surgery was pretty serious that Dr. Atcha had to perform but I was AMAZED at how comfortable I was after my surgery. I was virtually pain-free, and I don't remember a thing, unbelievable!"

—Al Rains, Implant and Sedation Client, Munster School Teacher

Dentistry emerged from the "Stone Age" about 20 years ago, in terms of having to subject clients to pain and "manhandling" to perform procedures. The sad thing is that many dental practices seem never to have adopted the great new techniques available today. Horrible, debilitating experiences need never happen again!

The Atcha Method Dentistry System uses newly developed techniques and technology to make your visit easier, faster and more comfortable.

Say good-bye to your anxieties! You'll never have sweaty palms and that dread of the dentist again.

Say good-bye to any dental fears, too: You can relax, knowing it will be virtually painless.

Say 'Hello' to a better dental experience: Friendly, gentle dentistry with proven results. A great smile, and healthy teeth for life.

Pain is a thing of the past

"When I had my false teeth, there were a lot of foods I couldn't eat like corn on the cob. Now I can eat whatever I want like the implants are real teeth. I don't remember a thing from my surgery, it went well with not too much discomfort. It was worth it. Thanks to Dr. Atcha, my teeth don't fall out in the swimming pool anymore!"

—Norm Bhat, 62, Hammond Sedation, Implant and Cosmetic Denture Client, Heavy Machinery Operator

Let's face it. Dental work is difficult for many people. If you--or one of your family members--fall into this category, expect relief at our center. You'll receive care tailored to your individual needs, designed so you may experience a feeling of security and greater relaxation at all your appointments. We even have body-contouring dental chairs. (Boy are they comfortable!)

Never be afraid of the dentist again! All of your most complex care can be completed in as little as a single visit. Even the most fearful client can "snooze" through complicated dental care with complete comfort and relaxation. That's because Dr. Atcha is the region's only doctor to use multiple methods of safe and effective 'sleep' dentistry combined with as many other advanced treatment options to get you back to comfortable smiling and eating. There is no faster way to get back your dental health in comfort and style!

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1. We Are Friendly

2. We Are Gentle (You Are Here)

3. We Treat You First Class All the Way

4. You Deserve Respect

5. You Benefit From the Highest Experience and Skill

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8. Your Privacy is Extremely Important

9. I Stand Behind My Work

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