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Sedation Dentistry by Dr. Irfan (Ivan) Atcha

We put a smile on your face, and help it stay there!

Here's what we think your dental visit should be like:

You deserve a pleasant, respectful experience

Were some of your previous dental experiences a nightmare?

That will never happen at our office! From the minute you step into our unique, state-of-the-art dental facility you'll know you are in the right place. We carefully designed it to ensure your experience is pleasant, enjoyable, and even fun.

My staff and I bring you friendly service and a gentle touch. We've even developed a technique so good that our patients say, "I didn't feel a thing". Some even laugh during it! (That sounds unbelievable but it's true.)

We are EONs ahead of every other Implant Center in the Chicago land area BECAUSE experience matters...credentials count!

No One Should Die with Teeth in a Glass!

A seminar given by Dr. Atcha on the Miracle of Dental Implants and life without dentures.

You've never been to a dentist office as unique as ours

All your care is in one convenient office. That means you go from start to finish in the shortest possible time.

In fact, no one else in the area provides this same unique blend of advanced dental implant and reconstructive services in one single office location.

No matter how complicated your care may be, you will only hear us discuss even advanced treatments in everyday, easy-to-understand terms. Our patients tell us this makes them feel more comfortable then they've ever felt before.

You deserve convenience

Forget driving back and forth between multiple dental offices to get procedures done, not to mention all the duplicate paperwork. If you want hassle-free dentistry, you have come to the right place.

Our exclusive 'Teeth in One Day' along with many other new cosmetic technologies can have you seeing yourself with a beautiful new smile the very next day!

You also deserve straight talk that's clear and understandable. Your dentist should not talk to you in gibberish that only other dentists understand. We make it easy for you to understand how you can get back to living life as you deserve to live it.

I am getting implants. I’m 80 years old and I have some health issues. I think normally they pull the teeth, put the implants right in and you have the new teeth. However my bones are soft, I have some heart problems and some blood problems, so I have the implants in at the top and they have to heal well and I think that’s very good to do it slowly so that I have no trouble down the road, so I’m not unhappy about that. The bottom half will be done next month and I’m looking forward to that. What I’m wearing right now is a temporary plate until the real teeth are put in, and I had a compliment just the other day, ‘boy it’s a good thing you’re going for the implants because those teeth look so natural.?I didn’t want to say these aren’t even the real ones, they’ll look even better I’m sure.

I think Dr Atcha is always looking for the best way and the safest way to do the best job he can for you. Actually I think there may be dentists who would have rushed this process, I’m relieved that he’s taking my health into consideration and watching out for me the way he is.

Everyone in here, all of the staff, are very much like he is. They’re dedicated to making you feel comfortable and not afraid, there’s nothing to be afraid of here. I can remember when my mother got false teeth, her mouth was swollen and miserable looking for weeks. I didn’t have that, there was very little swelling. I had these teeth put right in and I could eat soft foods right away.

I took a pill to relax me before I came in that morning. They put a needle in my hand and that’s the last thing I remember until I woke up.

I would recommend Dr Atcha, and also all his workers to anyone. There’s the man that does the moulds for the teeth, Alex, he’s a wonder, and Jen, the young lady that assists Dr Atcha is just a dream girl too. You couldn’t ask for anyone better.

I’ve had compliments on what’s been done so far. I just think he’s a very exceptional dentist.



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You deserve to live without pain and embarrassment

Do you have missing teeth, painful and broken teeth, or possibly ill-fitting and uncomfortable partials and dentures? No problem.

We are the first practice in Northwest Indiana to bring the newest technology to work for you with dental implant 'Teeth in One Hour;' technology; the fastest and most modern treatment possible to permanently rid yourself of years of dental problems in just a few hours.

We also offer Premium Cosmetic Dentures that consistently fool other dentists when they see them during teaching lectures on Denture Cosmetics.

We have solutions you've probably never been told about

No matter how challenging or difficult your dental situation, we can help you. If your teeth have gotten to where they are an embarrassment, we'll stop your dental misery and "turn back the clock" on years of deterioration.

You'll love seeing a healthy, vibrant smile that you will feel great seeing in your mirror again.

The vast majority of dental offices around the country can only do relatively simple procedures. We are proud to be one of only a small percentage of dental offices that are truly experts in handling complex care. We can give you more options because we're capable of so many more procedures.

Our clientele includes CEOs, top executives, small business owners, successful sales people, entrepreneurs, entertainers, models, grandmothers, and regular everyday folks: They're all people who want the best dentistry has to offer.

Some patients travel almost 5,000 miles from England and other countries to visit us, not to mention from all across the U.S. They pass by thousands of other dental offices to come here, because they know how well we treat them.

If you want a great experience that you'll tell your friends about...if you want teeth that look good, feel good and last for a lifetime...then we invite you to visit us for a no-obligation tour of our facility. Click here to find out more about our tours.

Or click here to visit a page where we have prepared several helpful and free Special Reports for you.

It all adds up to this: You Deserve a Great Smile!

Your smile is one of your greatest personal assets. We'll ensure that your teeth are healthy, feel good, and that they'll last. Better yet, we'll show you how to achieve the look that you've always dreamed about.

My team and I look forward to working with you on your new smile!

Irfan (Ivan) Atcha D.D.S., D.I.C.O.I, D.A.D.I.A.

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"Let's hear from a couple of our patients that we've helped"







For Dr. Atcha's FREE NEW REPORT with 9 Critical Secrets: “How You Can Turn Back the Hands of Time, Smile Confidently and Chew Comfortably While Eating The Foods You Love”
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